Maximize Your Mercury Engine’s Performance


Stronger materials, more innovative designs, and unmatched engineering expertise keep Mercury ahead of the competition. And you ahead of the pack. From eye-watering top speed for tournament pros to unmatched pulling power for tow sports, Mercury propellers deliver.

Durability counts, too. Which is why the U.S. Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security rely on Mercury propellers.

Mercury Controls

Mercury engine controls are engineered, built and tested for the long run.

Whatever your boat, you’re covered.

Aluminum fishing, center-console, pontoon – whatever your boat, Mercury® is your single source for engine controls. An entire range of controls that fit perfectly the boat, the application, the helmsman. Choose from side mounts, flush/panel mounts, console mounts – with combined speed and trim functions and engine warmup. All pure Mercury. Inside and out.



Fuel Care

With Mercury, there’s no need to guess about which products are best to keep your engine’s fuel in top form. The Mercury Fuel Care System is one complete system, specially formulated by the people who made your engine to help it run its best.

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